Thermoforming Machines

  • Our strenght is our engineering
  • Our machines have world class technology built into them, which is combined with our engineering and developed software.

    The software was developed by Inpak Automation department and all commercial rights are reserved at Inpak Group. With years of interactions with our customers, now we offer you an advanced, ergonomic and ease of use machine interface.

    Inpak has been investing on its manufacturing facility and ever since the establishment, most critical parts are manufactured in house to ensure strength quality and continues reliability.

    As a result, Inpak are is able to provide a machine which is energy efficient and of top performance in its range!

    Based on entry level of standard machine, variable options could be added to machine configurations according to needs in order to increase production efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Key Machine Features
  • Advanced, ergonomic and ease of use, industry 4.0 based human-machine interface and its platform
  • Ability of remote access to the Inpak Machine for immediate control and fault finding
  • Servo driven transport chains and automatic sheet stretching system adjustable on the screen
  • Automatic lubrication systems for the chain and mechanical systems
  • Variable heating configurations with HTS, HTSS Black type of ceramic heaters, adjustable according to mould index
  • Servo-plug assist to get better material distribution and homogenous products
  • Long-life, special needle bearings, gapless joints in all toggle systems
  • System for taking up the play between the adjusting nuts and shafts when machine comes under load.
  • All staking variations will allow for A-B, A-B-C stacking sequences as standard
  • Electrical cabinet and installation to CE standard

TS Series | Machines with Separate Forming and Cutting Stations

3-Station : Forming, Cutting, Stacking
4-Station : Forming, Hole Punching, Cutting,Stacking




TSR Series | Machines with In-Mould Cutting

2-Station : Forming with in-mould cutting, Stacking
3-Station : Forming with in-mould cutting, Cutting, Stacking
4-Station : Forming with in-mould cutting, Hole Punching, Cutting, Stacking